Find out how you can make £1000.0 per week
(While Learning How To Do Postcard Marketing)

First, please watch my short video (12 min s)


Simply resell my ready-made, hands free, high profit (92%) evergreen product offer for use as part of a funnel or stand alone income stream


92% instant payout per sale in £GBP on a £97 physical product that you never handle

Drop Shippers:

This is a £97 physical product which pays 100% commission instantly to your Paypal account. Your entire fulfilment cost is only £7 = £90 profit. UK only, shipped on your behalf from UK.

MLM / Network Marketers:

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Get attention! Do what the Americans do & use Postcards to prospect (we have the leads)

OK, Time for those …

Q Why do you say this is ‘exceedingly low risk’?

A One Sale! – Just ONE sale and you will have recovered 100% of the cost of entry!

Q So what am I actually buying?

A With the Postcard Cash System, you are acquiring two things of real genuine value – first, a physical product – you are buying my Marketing With Postcards book (a real hold-in-your-hand book which is available on Amazon)

Second, only as an owner of my Marketing With Postcards book are you gifted the Lifetime Resell Rights to to my entire marketing system, including the website script that runs it and the book of course! (Don’t worry, you need zero technical knowledge, it’s all done for you)

Q What goes on my postcards? I’m no copywriter.

A As I mentioned earlier, your Postcard Cash System INCLUDES around 20 pre written postcard templates ideas for you to use as inspiration

Q Do I HAVE to re sell the Book?

davidspostcardcash official site

A My book will teach you how to sell ANYTHING using postcards in the UK right now, physical or digital, but no, you do not have to re-sell the Postcard Marketing book to get the value. It just makes sense to start by selling the book+system as your first product, as you will get the money you paid for the system back with the very first sale. Remember, the SYSTEM sells for £97 and as a reseller you will get 100% of that, every time!

Q Can you really make money these days without Google, email, Facebook etc etc?

A Not only CAN you make money using Direct Mail, such as postcards, it’s actually a far easier, more reliable & more predictable way to MARKET (get peoples attention in the first place before you can sell to them)

Using a website to SELL is still a great idea (you’re reading one now) but nowadays using the internet to do MARKETING is a bit like … nailing jelly to a mirror!

Remember, its what your business creates in PROFITS that pays off your bills & buys luxuries, not the expenses your business may incur on the way to making those profits. I care less how much a stamp costs than how much PROFIT I will make on the campaign.

Fact: It’s a whole lot easier turning £50 into £100 than turning nothing into £10.

The internet is full of people trying to turn nothing into something

An associate of mine, who only does UK Direct Mail, has so far banked over £50,000,000 (Fifty Million) and he never uses Google, email, Facebook, Amazon or eBay to market anything!

Q Am I guaranteed to make money?

A I don’t (because I can’t) guarantee anything, other than this system is working & making money for other people right now. I’ve tried my best to cut the risk to the bone for you but the world you & I live in functions on a universal law called ‘risk & reward’. Always has & always will.

From a hungry mother Fox, to a new business start-up, to asking for a date, to a charity parachute jump to a bet on the Grand National. No risk, no reward.

davidspostcardcash official site

If this were an exact science, & I could GUARANTEE £200 will drop out every time you put £100 in – RISK FREE – I would be wealthier than Oprah & my system would cost no less than £1 million.

What I CAN guarantee is … this system is working & making money for other people right now

Q Who is this ‘someone else’ who manufactures & posts out the Book for me?

A Because I designed this to be a SYSTEM I wanted to make sure of three things …

Firstly, that the product itself (the book) is never digitized (never made into an electronic e-book). If that happened it would only be a matter of time before some yin-yang was selling it on eBay for £1, ruining the value I created & the whole reseller system for everyone.

Secondly, that the book you (and your customers) receive in the post is always a crisp first-generation item, not some crappy photocopy of a photocopy

Thirdly, that it is posted to each customer the same or the next working day. If you were posting the books out yourself, apart from the cost & hassle of buying stock and envelopes and stamps and trips to the post office – if you were away on holiday when orders came in, or in hospital, or you had run out, or whatever, it would be YOU that gets the earache. I want this SYSTEM to be as HASSLE FREE as possible for you.
So this is how it works ~ IT’S SUPER EASY & takes 50 seconds …

You send people to the website I provide for you (through a unique link I give you)

When a sale is made, £97 immediately drops into in your Paypal account. You get a receipt email from Paypal which includes the new buyers name & address

davidspostcardcash official site

You log into the FREE Postcard Cash Resource site, go to the page called ‘SEND A BOOK’ then click a link & enter your new buyers name and address in a box

Out of the £97 you just received, you pay my book shipper £7 by Paypal to cover ALL print, storage, postage, packing & labour costs.

You walk away with £90 clear profit … with NOTHING MORE TO DO but advertise again!
Q So this ‘drop shipping’?

A YES … but this is far BETTER than regular drop shipping. With regular drop shipping first you have to find a good product, then figure out how to market the product, then sell the product that someone else then ships for you.

With Postcard Cash, all the sales & marketing systems are included … and so is the product!

Q I don’t have a PayPal account. What is it?

A Paypal is the worlds most popular, trusted & secure way to get paid or pay for goods on the internet. Owned by eBay, it is trusted by millions of people worldwide (15 million in the UK alone). Paypal accounts are FREE!

davidspostcardcash official site

Q I’ve never heard of you.

A Well, you have now. But I know what you mean. Fair Do’s

OK, Imagine you found yourself in a room FULL of people, from all over the world, who have already done business with me … I take it you would be influenced by what they would have to say about me?

Of course you would.

Well, they obviously aren’t in the room with you, but if they were, THIS is what they would say about me (that link opens a new window so you won’t leave this site)

Q Hold On. If I’m getting 100% of each £97 sale, what are YOU getting out of this?

A Good question. It does seem a little cuckoo at first, me not retaining a percentage of each sale. Hell, a typical reseller / affiliate deal would see you get 50% & I get 50% (which is still almost £50 a sale) … but here are TWO solid, honest reasons why I’m handing over 100% of every sale to you

First, don’t think for a moment I’m not promoting this along with you – I bloody well am. (A measly 3 sales a day is over £8,000 a month, so you can bet your ass I’m still promoting my own system). The good news is, there are almost 70 million people in the UK, and no matter how many sales I personally make, they will only ever represent a drop in the bucket. Zero chance of saturation.

HOWEVER, and this is important, every time your advertising efforts pay off with a sale, you get the £97 … and the new system buyer is introduced to … ME!

I run both a business growth & marketing workshop & high end, ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking Systems’ Mastermind Group … and some of the people I would never have had contact with if it wasn’t for you may well go on to sign up for something like that at some stage, and/or become resellers for a future offer.

davidspostcardcash official site

Make sense? Yes, you are getting all the money from the sale but your sales don’t COST me anything, and your new customers also discover me, making YOU the cheapest “media buy” I will ever see

Thirdly, for high conversions, I need peoples reaction to be …

“WHAT? your kidding – you get 100% of every £97 sale and it’s almost all hands-free?”

Once people ‘get’ how unusual, how profitable and how easy this proposition is, they will actually follow through, advertise the thing and make some money. Bloody Good Money. And when they do they will (rightly) think I’m a genius … and talk about me, give me testimonials & maybe even use some of their new income to join one of my coaching programs or attend a workshop!

So don’t bother hunting for a catch. I’m neither greedy nor insane … & I’m certainly not losing money here, don’t worry about that.

Q Is there any support?

A Yes of course. Once you are on board, you will have immediate access to the FREE resource (members) area of this site, where you will find step by step simple instructions & videos on getting started & getting your unique resellers link – along with access to those 20 pre-written postcard templates, prospect lists & links to that secret site for postcard printing /posting … and lot’s more.

If you want to ask any questions you can open a support ticket at my helpdesk which also has a ‘knowledge base’ of frequently asked support questions, and if your question is not covered, click on ‘Submit A Ticket’ and ask away. Myself or my able bodied ships cat Ellie will reply.

davidspostcardcash official site